The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam

The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam

People and places, historical events, and terms of both practice and philosophy of Islam are defined or discussed at length, recognizing exoteric and esoteric traditions. No sectarian bias is evident. Briefer entries often refer to longer articles where the term is placed in context. Art and literature are discussed only so far as they have contributed to religious thought. Several color plates adorn rather than illustrate the text. An appendix includes historical maps genealogical, dynastic, and sectarian charts, and a chronology. A popular rather than academic work. The binding is weak for a reference volume of this thickness. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. From the PublisherThe most comprehensive single volume work available on the beliefs, practices, history, and culture of Islam.

ISBN: 0060631236

Author: Cyril Glasse

Category: Religion

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