Flowers of Iran

Flowers of Iran

CD ONE 1 Iraniam 2 Radio Sedayeh Mardomeh 3 Shekofehaayeh Iran 4 Soghati 5 Khatoon Khanoom 6 Kheili Vaghteh 7 Mehmoon Navaz 8 Hye Acher Armenian CD TWO 1 Shereh Hezaaran Fermaan 2 Khatoon Khanoom 3 Nameiyeh Be Marzeh Por Gohar 4 Teshneh Lab 5 Shayeh 6 Soghatie 7 Sedaayeh Keshvaram 8 Jesarat 9 Delijaaneh Eshgh 10 Hamvatanam 11 Khaaneyeh Salmandaan 12 Zendegi NaamehAbout the AlbumDouble Album. First album includes eight songs, featuring Iraniam and the Armenian hit, Hye Acher. The second album is a compilation of poetry recited by Jaklin.About the ArtistShe was born in Tehran, Iran, a few minutes before her fraternal twin, Ailen. They grew up in the shadow of their famous father, Vigen, who was revolutionizing modern Iranian music with his unique voice and style. Jaklin inherited both his voice and his pioneering spirit, as she began her own singing career, performing in concerts all around Iran throughout her teen years.At 17, Jaklin thought to widen her creative range by writing a song for herself. But through her media associates, the song came to the attention of Googoosh, who wanted to sing the song. Jaklin realized having Googosh sing it would be an important career step, so Jaklin gave Parandeh to Googoosh, and set out to see if she could write another for herself400 songs later, Jaklin has become one of Iran's most prolific and eloquent songwriters and lyricist. But Parandeh remains special, and Googoosh's recording of it remains one of the defining moments of Jaklin's career, literally opening the door to her destiny as a songwriter for other singers. That destiny has been further advanced by Jaklin's gift of matching the material to the singer, and her client list is a veritable Who's Who of Iranian music.

Artist: Jaklin

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