Khoda Konad Beyaee

Khoda Konad Beyaee

1.Biaee 2.Fazaay e Tohi 3.Cheshm e Man 4.Ay Resideh Az Raah 5.Sarab 6.Bist Saalegi 7.Eshgh 8.Varieteh 9.Parandeh 10.Baagh 11.Madar Bozorg

Artist: Aref

Price:  $10.95 from  Iran Music

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Khoda Hafez  

Khoda Hafez

1.Man khodam raftaniam 2.Shabzendeh dare 3.Khoda hafez 4.Bakhshesh 5.Sokot 6.Soghat 7.Geryeh amanam nemedeh 8.Atigheh 9.Neshaneh 10.Sofrehe eshgh

Artist: Hayedeh

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