Faryaad Zir Aab

Faryaad Zir Aab

1.Ghalandar 2.Jashn e Deltangi 3.Khorshid Khanoom 4.Az Tou 5.Ejaazeh 6.Faryaad Zire Ab 7.Eshghe Man Ashegham Baash 8.Beh Khod Residan 9.Nefrin Naameh 10.Baraadar JaanDariush, singer and activist, famous for his distinct, melancholy voice, is synonymous with immediate stardom.

Artist: Dariush

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Aab Atash Va Khaak  

Aab Atash Va Khaak

1. Khorshid Khaanoom 2. Khaabam 3. Poli be Gozashtehaa 4. Emrouz 5. Aab Atash Va Khaak 6. Paaeez 7. Panjom e Teer 8. Dont Stop Dancing 9. Eshghe To Nemimireh 10. Ey Khodaa

Artist: Silhouettt

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