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The Repository for Iranian Researchers

Site Description:
The very early suggestions to use Internet to introduce the recent achievements of Iranian Researchers were materialised in late 2002. However, the initial web pages were launched in February 2003 using the Iranian Society web site at the University of Sheffield. The primary aim was to introduce the recent academic achievements of Iranian researchers; nevertheless, based on the received suggestions other targets such as introducing Iranian Research Centres and available On-line databases were also included later on. Therefore, the web pages were called, “Iranian Researchers Repository”. The very fast growing number of publications and the technical problems we had experienced on the previous server forced us to move to the current web site. Now, the repository has its own domain name ( which represents “The Repository 4 Iranian Researchers”. The repository is now known to many researchers in and out of Iran and it is also indexed by a number of popular search engines like Google. To the best of our knowledge, there is no similar database on the Internet and certainly there is a long way to a comprehensive and integrated bibliographic service centre. This site is entirely developed and maintained by a group of interested Iranian PhD students at the University of Sheffield. Therefore, we are really in need of your help and support. So, please share you views with us via Webmaster email. R4IR development team

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