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  • ***** Iran Music .TV
    Iran Music .TV, A Persian Broadcasting Network offers Persian songs, clips of music videos, and music news and events.
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  • Arash Dejkam's Iranian Traditional Music Page
    Includes descriptions, sounds and photos of classical instruments of Iran and also the history of Radif, the foundation of Iranian traditional music. Site provides a complete list of dastgahs, maghams and goushehs and some sheet music for some of the dastgahs.
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  • Arian Band
    Iranian Pop music band based in Iran. Site includes details about the band, photo album, songs and other resources for fans.
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  • Avazeh
    Homepage of Anis Moin, an Iranian singer living in Sweden. Features news, biography, discography and some music samples.
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  • Iran Melody
    Online music store selling CDs and tapes produced in Iran, Iranian traditional musical instruments, Iranian music encyclopedia, and Iranian music books and journals.
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  • Loris Tjeknavorian
    An Iranian born Armenian music composer-conductor. Includes biography, photo album, awards and achievements, and MP3 files.
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  • Parissa
    Classical persian vocalist from Tehran. Site includes biography and photo album.
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  • Probe Music
    Quintet that plays a fusion of Persian, American jazz, Indian, Spanish, Gypsy and Gamelon. Site features music samples, reviews and ordering information.
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  • Radif
    Explains this core group of traditional melodies and the way they are used in musical performance.
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  • Setar
    A site dedicated to Setar, the Persian traditional music instrument. Events, forum, history, techniques and courses.
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