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  • Iranian Trademark and Patent Lawyers, Attorneys and Legal Advisors
    We would like to have the privilege of introducing ourselves as a Professional Consultancy firm based in Iran. Ours is a international Law Firm rendering services in the matters connected with Intellectual Property Rights, Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Infringment Litigation, Design, Licensing, Biotechnology & Trade Secrets. We have broad based clients ranging from Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies to various Multinational Organizations.
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  • Law Offices of Dr. Hassan Amirshahi & Associates
    We provide a wide spectrum of legal services ranging from corporate law to civil litigation,family law and including,but not limited to,itellectual property and of course matters referred to us by our compatriots living abroad.
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  • Law Offices of J. Bokharai & Associates
    The firm's practice areas include Intellectual property law, corporate and commercial law, foreign investment, company formation, oil and gas laws, maritime law, foreign collaboration and joint ventures.
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