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  • ParsNewZ Headlines - اخبار ايران و جهان
    پارس نيوز با گرداوري اخبار بزرگترين رسانه هاي مطبوعاتي ، تازه هاي ايران و جهان را در اختيار هموطنان عزيز در اقصي نقاط دنيا قرار ميدهد٠ پارس نيوز يك سايت خبري وشخصي است كه وابسته به هيچ گروه ، حزب و يا شركتي نمي باشد٠ This is a Nonprofit News Website in Englisch and Farsi for all who want to be the first to know what happens all around the world. This Site has been designed to show you the latest news in short and refers you to the source Site with related links. This Site is absolutely neutral and belongs to no party. Feel free to be up-to-date with the latest short news and enjoy.
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