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  • Ancient Iranian Ceramics
    Describes and illustrates the 5,000 year ceramic tradition that flourished in ancient Iran until 100 BCE, which establishes ancient Iranian pottery as one of the great ceramic traditions.
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  • FlyingFish - Salman Rushdie, British Petroleum (BP) and Iran
    Britain's current foreign policy towards Iran and Salman Rushdie's situation, history of BP's origins as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company; the 1953 BP/MI6/CIA-orchestrated coup of Iran's president Mussadiq, who was intent on reclaiming Iran's resources from the grip of foreign powers.
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  • Savage Shahs of Persia
    Short biography of Nadir Shah Afshar (1688-1747), who was a very harsh and suspicious ruler and who blinded his own son.
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