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  • Amouzesh Omeed
    Not-for-profit organization that builds schools for poor and disabled children in Iran. Site features photos of past projects.
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  • Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies
    London-based research institution that gathers and analyses information on the Middle East, with a special emphasis on Iran. Online reports providing snalysis of specific Iranian topics and specialist regional reports.
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  • Children Of Persia
    Organization with a mission to provide health care and education for needy children in Iran. Site describes projects undertaken with articles and photos.
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  • Foundation for Iranian Studies
    Research institution dedicated to the study of economic, social, political, and cultural change in twentieth century Iran. Includes an index for the Oral History Program, a record of interviews with Iranian statesmen, diplomats, scholars, officials, artists, literary figures, and newspaper editors.
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  • Iran Heritage Foundation
    Aims to preserve the history, languages and cultures of Iran. Site lists and describes the exhibitions, seminars, publications, film and theater organized by the foundation.
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  • Iran Secular Society
    Formed to publicise the destructive effects of the Islamic government in Iran and contribute to bring about a secular society.
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  • Iran Teachers Association
    A non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the preservation and development of the cultural heritage. Includes a history of the organisation, news and events.
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  • Iranian Heritage
    Website of by group of Iranians who want to document the historical artifacs which are being transferred to locations and museums outside Iran.
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  • The American Institute of Iranian Studies
    Non-profit, non-governmental research organization, whose members are universities and museums in North America with interests in the study of Iranian culture and civilization. Awards research fellowships and an annual Persian translation prize.
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